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Wix Content Management System

Technology Alternatives

Sometimes it's a matter of time and money ...

Custom website solutions are developed to respond to unique business needs. AccuVis works with you to understand your business needs, creating the best website solution.

After defining your business needs, we propose website solutions that are either totally custom or utilize customized components.

Custom Website Solutions

Custom website solutions can exactly match business requirements.  Code is developed to your exact specifications using industry standards, enforcing your business rules. Website applications can be integrated with required systems. Site design is created using custom graphics. Typically, custom website solutions take longer to create and are more expensive than using available technology.


Customized Website Solutions

Many technology components can be customized to speed website development time and reduce website development cost. Examples of customizable components include:

  • website menuing systems

  • responsive website design templates

  • shopping carts

  • image sliders & image galleries

  • file upload utilities

Consider Wix

Wix is a content management system that helps you build a beautiful responsive website. We love the way that Wix empowers anyone, regardless of their technology expertise. You supply the content and Wix supplies the underlying technology. Features include design templates, image galleries, sliders, desktop editor, mobile editor, blog creation, and apps (to name a few features)!

Design templates get you started with overall site design, but are totally customizable. Starting with a design templates reduces the amount of time required to build a website.

Apps extend the functionality of your website. Some apps are free, some apps have monthly fees. Apps are available to grow website traffic, enhance communication with your target market, support business operations such as accounting, increase social media interaction, create custom forms, create an online store, and there are marketing tools.

AccuVis loves Wix! In fact, this website is built with Wix! We enjoy partnering with customers who eventually want to maintain their own website. Perhaps the customers don't have the eye for design or are not able to organize their website content. Sometimes they don't want to learn all the website creation options in Wix, so we create the website and then train them on how to specifically maintain their website content. AccuVis works with you and will teach you all about the underlying technology, or if you prefer, just enough to keep content fresh.

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