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Shopping Cart Solution

Water Solutions

Expanding their business from local water delivery to ecommerce was a big step, but the transition was easy with an ecommerce solution from AccuVis.

Water and Accessories Outlet greatly expanded their business reach with an ecommerce website. AccuVis recommended shopping cart software for their ecommerce website solution. Shopping cart software is easy to use for both shoppers and ecommerce site administrators.

The project began with as assessment of existing data to be imported into the new ecommerce site. AccuVis mentored administrative staff to be able to manipulate product images, product descriptions and pricing data. Each product was optimized for search engines. Real-time shipping quotes give customers shipping choices.

To go from having customers within a 50-mile radius to receiving world-wide inquiries, Water and Accessories Outlet grew their business without increasing their staff. AccuVis is happy to have partnered with them on this successful ecommerce website.

Need the right ecommerce solution for your business?  Contact AccuVis for a free review of your ecommerce needs.

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