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Responsive Web Design

The same website experience on any device from large desktop screens to small handheld smartphones, that's a responsive website.

Responsive website design supports all devices, from large desktop monitors to mobile devices, with one version of the website. Graphics scale, fonts are readable, the site contains the same content, regardless of platform. The user experience is the same. That's a truly responsive website. And there's just one set of website content to maintain.

One Website for All Devices

Creating content for responsive websites takes a different mindset. Think about the user experience on the smallest devices first rather than leading with the vast expanse of the desktop screen.

Your mobile website IS your desktop website, it does not contain a subset of the website content.

Your customers and prospects are mobile-ready so make sure your website goes beyond mobile-ready and is responsive to the type of device used to view it.

Consider the Possibilities!

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