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Jump on the responsive bandwagon

Avoid the learning curve, save time and money, let WIX CMS help you make the jump to responsive

The old cliche "jump on the bandwagon" can mean:

  • follow the trend

  • don't be different

  • blend into the crowd

Jumping on the latest technology bandwagon can sometimes have negative effects of unproven results, unstable code, adhering to a trend that quickly fades.

NOT SO with Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is a trend that is here to stay. We've always known that websites need to look good on a variety of browsers running on different desktop operating systems, so it's not that different to stretch that way of thinking to include tablets and smartphones.

But it is WAY DIFFERENT! Usability is key to websites, so it's not just fitting content into smaller boxes, responsive website design is about creating a great web experience with ONE WEBSITE on any device.  It is technically difficult and requires a new approach to designing websites, an approach called

mobile-first design

Mobile-first design means that you start designing for the smallest screen, then upsize the design to the desktop screen.

Think not only about the code involved, but think about the experience of the site visitor.  We can all jump on the responsive bandwagon as long as we don't lose site of the goal - a great web experience for the site visitor!

Make the jump to responsive!

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