About AccuVis

Big Bead Jewelry

Big Bead Jewelry was formed to provide jobs for young adults with developmental disabilities. It was started by a mom who wanted her daughter to have a job she loves. We've expanded to include a friend who also has disabilities. In addition to beading, our workers learn customer service, quality control, money management, time management, tax rules and inventory control; all great skills that they hope to use in other jobs in the community. Our beaders are very proud of their work.

It's important that we sell jewelry, but it's more important to learn skills to be used in other jobs. Since our workers have developmental disabilities, it takes them longer to learn job tasks and they can struggle with social interaction. Their dedication and persistence are qualities that any employer desires. At craft fairs, we educate the public about the ABILITIES of our team members and we educate families about the benefits of job training for adults with developmental disabilities.

Big Bead Jewelry is owned and operated by AccuVis.