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Ecommerce Website Solutions

Not one-size-fits-all

Your unique business needs lead us to the best ecommerce website solution for your business.

Ecommerce websites all share some fundamental characteristics, but every business is unique! To create the best ecommerce solution for your business, think about your business needs in four main areas:


  • products

  • customers

  • order processing

  • fulfillment

AccuVis creates ecommerce websites by matching your ecommerce requirements to available ecommerce solutions, customizing as required to meet your unique business needs, to create the best ecommerce solution for your business.

Your unique business needs

Here are some sample questions you can use to create a checklist of your ecommerce business requirements.


How many items do you sell?
Can items be customized?
Do you have photos for each item?
Are product details available in electronic form?
How do you manage inventory levels?


Do you need to import existing customer data?
Do you need different pricing levels for customer groups?
Do all customers pay with credit cards or do some use other payment methods?


Does your ecommerce website need to integrate with any other systems?
Do customers need the ability to re-order based on their order history?


Do you ship worldwide?
What shipping carriers do you use?
How do you currently determine shipping rates?
How do you track customer shipments?
How do you handle returns?

What's Your Unique?

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