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It's still ecommerce, even if there are no BUY buttons; and you need a responsive website if you've got staff in the field

Runnion Equipment Company has a business-to-business website promoting their products and services. Will someone buy a crane from a B2B website using a cell phone? Of course not, but Runnion still needs a responsive website design. Runnion field sales staff are sometimes literally

in the middle of a field

when meeting with a customer.  Cranes from Runnion are used outdoors, so there is no desktop computer nearby to show a photo of a newer model crane, or an attachment for a crane currently in use.

Big, beautiful, high-quality product photos are key to engaging website visitors.  We've never seen cranes look so good!

Runnion uses a content management system to manage their inventory online, quickly and simply. Here are some things Runnion is saying about their new website:



"The site looks so cool"


"Content management is simple"

When evaluating your need for a responsive website design, consider all types of website visitors and think about how your website is used.  You'll probably realize that a responsive website design is the way to go. And if you've got products, a responsive ecommerce website makes it easy to manage your product inventory online, even if you're not actually selling online.

We'd really like to hear about all the ways that your website visitors use your website. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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