Amazon Professional Seller Support

Robust Selling Platform

When you sell on Amazon as an Amazon Professional Seller, you get a robust selling platform, payment processing, and exposure to lots of customers. What you give up is total control of your product listings, a noticable commission, and the ability to build a brand. Most Amazon customers do not care who they buy from, they want the cheapest price. It is difficult to differentiate yourself when selling on Amazon. But it is awesome to get lots of orders!

Having several years of experience as an Amazon Professional Seller for our World Musical Instruments line of business, AccuVis provides assistance getting started selling on Amazon or improving your Amazon sales.

Winning the Buy Box

While Amazon provides an instant ecommerce platform, you won't instantly gain sales unless you "win the buy box". The "buy box" is the position on the page associated with the large Add to Cart button. When multiple sellers compete for the same item, only one is the default seller. Winning the Buy Box is about more than just having the lowest price.

Our World Musical Instruments brand on Amazon increased sales by nearly 3000% as compared to the prior year. We did not buy reviews, we did not implement extreme price cuts. We analyzed the situation, defined a plan, and worked hard to achieve our objectives.

We would like the opportunity to work with you to start or grow your Amazon sales - as long as you are not selling musical instruments!

Instant Ecommerce!