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5 steps to designing content for SEO

Search engines love frequently changing content. Think SEO when designing your content. And stay focused.

To continue to attract search engines and interested prospects to your web site, don't think of SEO as adding keywords to existing web pages. SEO is delivering compelling, engaging content of interest on a regular basis. Find a section of your website for fresh content then follow these steps to get SEO results.


Start with topics of interest to your target market. Topics can be SEO keywords but are broader than a  specific SEO keyword phrase.


Brainstorm engaging titles for articles or blog posts.


For each title, think of each type of prospect and write multiple titles that appeal to each of these types of prospects (researcher, technical buyer, executive buyer). Each title is a different post or article from that specific prospect's perspective.


For each title, choose one search keyword phrase to target. Include variations of the targeted phrase (acronymns, different spellings,
singular/plural) but don't target different phrases or you'll lose your SEO focus. Try to work your SEO keyword phrase into your title.


To write each post or article, tell a story. Storytelling is the most effective way to engage readers. And every story has an image to leave a visual footprint in the mind of the reader. Edit your story for optimal use of your SEO keyword phrase.


Schedule your posts and you're ready to go! Add topics periodically and repeat these 5 steps to designing content for SEO. Stay focused on delivering good quality content and the SEO results will follow.

Stay Focused!

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