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3dcart is full-featured shopping cart software, ready to meet the needs of businesses small to large.  3dcart is a hosted ecommerce solution - you do not buy the software and install it yourself - it is provided for your use on the 3dcart servers.  This approach lowers your initial investment and eliminates the hassle of maintaining a secure server. You pay 3dcart by the month with fees dependant on the number of products in your catalog.

AccuVis is a 3dcart ecommerce partner. We provide 3dcart implementation, 3dcart storefront designs, 3dcart training, 3dcart search engine optimization, and 3dcart migration services.

3dcart features
Our 3dcart website

AccuVis operates World Musical Instruments, which is a 3dcart website. Features that we appreciate most include the ability to use imports/exports to manage large amount of product data, coupon features, integration with shipping carriers, and even something as basic as being to set the order status.

3dcart eliminates the hassle of PCI compliance with their hosted solution. And there is no large software license fee or annual maintenance fee, you just pay your monthly website hosting fee. Consider 3dcart for your ecommerce website!

3dcart features are summarized as follows:

  • secure PCI compliant hosting

  • easy-to-use web-based administration

  • bulk imports and exports

  • unlimited categories and sub-categories

  • multiple pricing levels

  • fully customizable design

  • real-time shipping integration

  • email-a-friend referral system

  • product reviews

  • cross-selling and up-selling

  • coupon options

There are many, many more features of 3dcart - contact us to learn more about 3dcart!


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